What We Do

Negotiation Training

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience of designing and delivering negotiation training and a large library of content, we specialise in working with those who are leading the important negotiations on which the success of the business depends. Mastery in the skills of negotiation comes from three things – preparation, process and practice – each of which are core building blocks of our training courses. We focus on practical application, not theory. Typically, participants will spend 75% of their time either preparing for, doing or getting feedback on negotiation simulations/case studies. The balance of time is devoted to interactive teaching and discussion of real-world negotiation challenges.

Training Courses

  • Designed around clients’ desired learning outcomes

Close to the Real World

  • Extensive use of customised case studies/simulations

Flexible Delivery Options

  • Face-to-face & online
  • 1-day, 2-day and modular courses

Negotiation Coaching

All too often, when put under pressure, newly trained negotiators revert to type and fail to achieve the higher value outcomes that are possible. We know from experience that building confidence in negotiation is about developing mastery (where negotiation skills are embedded in muscle memory), awareness (deploying systematic thinking, as opposed to making often incorrect assumptions about the other side) and poise (the ability to use the skills to maximum effect when feeling under pressure in front of a difficult client or procurement team). Whether working on specific skills and tools, ensuring that preparation is done effectively or facilitating mock negotiations to improve the likelihood of successes, our approach to coaching is designed to embed skills, not prescribe solutions

For Individuals​

  • Targeted coaching to take individual skills to the next level, often as a consequence of an identified development need.

Assistance with Challenging Negotiations

  • Helping teams or individuals prepare effectively and strategically for challenging negotiations, combined with advice during negotiations.

Building Capability and Confidence

  • Empowering teams or individuals to be able to read the process dynamics of negotiations and develop the confidence to make the right strategic and tactical choices, in the moment.

Building A Negotiating Culture

Negotiators will negotiate in the way they feel incentivised to do so, which often comes from the message being sent out by senior leaders in the business. “Do what it takes to win the pitch” or “just don’t lose the client” will deliver exactly that outcome. However, so much more can be achieved by a negotiation approach better aligned to value creation. Our short engagement sessions with Leadership teams help establish the key principles of what it takes to build a negotiating culture, as well as explaining procurement dynamics in client organisations. This leadership-down approach, combined with webinar or conference sessions for larger audiences, will often help to build sponsorship, enthusiasm, and demand for more in-depth negotiation training initiatives.

Engaging with Leadership Teams

  • Helping leaders understand what it takes to create a negotiating culture within the business.

Expanding the Audience ​​

  • Interactive webinars or conference events for larger groups, designed to build a high-level understanding of the skills of negotiation.

Keeping it Real ​​

  • Negotiation clinics with interactive Q&A’s which address real-word negotiation challenges and explore innovative solutions and game-changing moves.