Who We Are​

About us

We were founded in 2017 by Tom Kinnaird, a procurement leader and professional negotiator for over 30 years. For 15 years, Tom was Chief Procurement Officer at WPP, the world’s largest marketing communications services group where he led major supply-side negotiations, as well as coaching and training negotiators on client-side negotiations. Tom now works internationally, assisting leaders with negotiation skills development, as well as coaching individuals and teams through complex and challenging negotiations.

Our Ethos

Our Ethos

For many years, Tom struggled to understand why suppliers, particularly marketing services agencies and professional services companies, seemed to believe that they had very little power when negotiating with professional procurement teams in clients. Kinnaird Negotiation was founded on a simple premise – take Tom’s deep experience and understanding of procurement processes, practices and tactics, harness the best of academic thinking and evidence-based research in negotiation and combine it with hard-earned real-world experience and pragmatic application.

We’ve created a highly tailored and personalised approach to negotiation training and coaching, designed to deliver consistently successful outcomes in an increasingly procurement-focused commercial world. We tailor training programmes to the learning outcomes that our clients want to achieve. We help put in place processes, tools and approaches that allows new learning to take root.

Our Clients​

While marketing services agencies and professional service companies represent a large part of what we do, Kinnaird Negotiation attracts clients from a wide variety of business sectors. All Kinnaird Negotiation clients share similar commercial challenges in the complex world of negotiating with clients, where procurement are the apparent process setters. Our clients share a desire to move away from readily available, generic negotiation training that is insufficiently real-world to help participants build a bridge from the training classroom to the real world. Our clients want to avoid negotiation training which feels too academic and theoretical. Our work earns us long and rewarding relationships with clients who see immediate and measurable returns.